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Key People

Where Passion and Dedication Meet

Our dedicated team are at the heart of what we do, utilizing their unique skills and passion to move the work of our charity forward. Without them, Mukuju Saints would not be where it is today. Meet some of our team members below.

João Pessoa

Head of the Project

João is the one who got into contact with Emmanuel through social media. He has an extensive career in managing both people and goods, which he will put to good use on this project. An upstanding leader whose drive and determination have been the catalyst for this fundraising project. 

Rita Henriques


With a magnificent background in social services related issues, Rita is a psychologist willing to bring her knowledge to this project. Her wisdom and vast experience with children give us the edge at Mukuju Saints in all topics related to the kids' development into amazing human beings, such as herself.

Martin Littleton


Trustworthy and driven, Martin has a heart of gold and is currently taking a degree in Psychology at the University of Manchester. Experienced in the mental health field, he is a true "outside the box" thinker, who has helped the project immensely by voicing his views, making him an integral part of Mukuju Saints.


Wafula Emmanuel

Field Volunteer Coordinator

Emmanuel is a kind and resilient human being committed to providing care for over 40 children in need by meeting their basic needs, educating them, and offering unshakable support. His extraordinary dedication and unceasing efforts have a profound effect, inspiring hope and empowering the communities we serve. He is our eyes and ears on the field. 

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